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We deliver exceptional client service and sound, strategic solutions.
We have a long history of providing clarity, knowledge and innovation to businesses of all sizes. We are proud of our lineage and the strong track record that has seen VACA provide expert advice for over 4 years. We have a diverse mix of staff in a number of countries and our collective background spans a broad cross-section of industries. As a progressive firm, we are constantly adapting to the changing business environment.

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To deliver the highest quality service, by listening to our clients, knowing our clients and working with our clients to ensure success. We enjoy long and successful relationships with many businesses, public organizations and family groups. We are large enough to offer you a range of expertise yet flexible enough to give you personalized service. This is The VACA Experience.

VACA’s commitment to unmatched client service is embedded in our PRIDE values:

  • passion to drive client success and deliver unmatched client service
  • respect for the differences that make our nation-wide team strong
  • integrity to be objective and independent
  •  discipline in process, innovation and commitment
  • excellence in all what we do

We are committed to creating and sustaining long-term relationships which draw on our experience and expertise to help our clients achieve real success. We help you achieve your business potential by providing creative and practical solutions.

All of VACA’s staff are committed to the VACA Experience. We ensure there is a clear understanding with our clients about the work we will perform, the support we require of our clients to enable us to perform effectively and our pricing and delivery dates. We strive to thoroughly understand our client’s businesses and goals in order to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

We believe in relationships, not transactions, with our clients. At VACA, we make time to come and see you at your business. We understand the value of time for our clients. We strive to be available for you and if you miss us, we get back to you on the same day.  We are partners with you to ensure your business grows and thrives.

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What makes us so successful

The strength of any firm is the caliber and professionalism of the people employed and in this regard we have been very fortunate. The ethical and professional requirements of operating within the environment adds another dimension to our service commitment and this is recognized and implemented by all staff.

Executive Director

Shon is a smart-working individual who started working at the age of 18. He has been a driving factor of the company right from inception. He is a wannabe 'Stand-up Comedian' and his wonderful attitude has brought-in smiles and dramatic performance changes with all clients. He brings his vast experience being a quadruple certified finance professional from different countries.

Manager - Audit Team

Althaf is a known footballer in the East Coast region of UAE. He is professionally a ACCA and leads the auditing team of the company. His vast experience gathered from Horwath Mak has guided the company in various aspects of audits and faster execution of audits. He is a team player and a true player in audit meetings. Althaf believes in -"Great dreams of dreamer are always transcended"

Manager - Legal Advisory

Ninni specialises in Commercial Law, Litigations, Banking,insurances, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration . Her expertise across major industries has brought enough strength for the firm to take a stand in legally advisory services of the company. Ninni Believes in - "Do to do something illegally legal is an offence but doing something legal illegally is a bigger offence."

Manager - Business Advisory & Banking

Sandeep brings his incredible 15 years of private banking and investment advisory to the company. He has been handling the corporate advisory & banking segment of the company. He a well known figure between prime Venture Capitalists and wealth brokers in UAE. He also heads the culture and ethics development functions of the company. Sandeep believes in - "Life is how you build it in your good years"

Manager - Operations

Sunil comes as a good friend and well-wisher and decided to join the company looking at the good spirit and enthusiasm. He has a mind-blowing experience of 18 years within UAE. He has immense knowledge in the manufacturing industry. He strives to implement the best business practices for all our clients.He heads the Corporate outsourcing department of the company. Sunil believes in - "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get"

Manager - Business Development & Marketing

Tisha is professionally a fashion designer turned to management professional a while ago. Her experience with Multi-nationals has brought immense difference to the company. She is a go-getter, and her attitude is her plus. She currently heads the Business Development team and proves herself an asset to the company every time. Tisha believes in - "Work until its paid off.. If you're not paid well, you're not working enough. "